Portfolio preparation

Guidelines for the preparation of a portfolio of work for interview

Portfolio Guidelines

Make a proper selection. It is quality and not quantity that matters. We want to see a maximum of 20 sheets of work and no more than 3 sketchbooks. These sheets can have more than one image presented on it. The range should be as follows:

  1. Work which shows your ability to observe and record accurately within the conventions of drawing. Interiors, still-life, landscapes, figures and plants are all acceptable subjects. Include small drawings or ideas in sketchbooks as well as larger (A1) studies. You should have a minimum number of 5 out of your 20 sheets of work that show your drawing skills in a variety of media and approaches.
  2. Your folder should contain evidence of work in colour which can take the form of paintings or designs. If you have paintings on large canvases we ask you to photograph the work and print the photo to at least A4 size. Mount this on an A1 sheet of thin white card and mount smaller photos underneath of close-up shots of the paint work and detail.
  3. We also want to see photographic work or any digital work such as animations if you have it. Please save all animation or video work to disc or pen drive and clearly label it with your name. If you are submitting video or animation work please choose Wednesday Afternoon on the Portfolio Date Selection Form.
  4. Works which allow you to experiment with media other than charcoal, pencil or paint eg. collages from paper, fabric or similar materials, a combination of a variety of media used in one image for example.
  5. Any three-dimensional work you may have produced which reveals your interest in form and structure would be interesting, including wood and/or plaster constructions. Don’t worry too much about accuracy or finish. The important thing is the idea. Please photograph all 3D work. We cannot accept any work on the day which is not inside the portfolio. We recommend you photograph the work from many angles including any close-up views so we can see important detail.
  6. Produce any evidence you can of work which is investigative. An example might be to begin with a study of a particular object as it appears under normal conditions then stage by stage dismantle it, recording visually its appearance at each stage.
  7. The standard of work you bring is extremely important. The same applies to actual presentation and organisation. Find out as much as you can about the visual arts. Visit galleries, particularly those showing contemporary work. Find out as much as you can about design and crafts, and particularly about your favourite artists, designers or photographers.
  8. All your work must fit inside your Portfolio. Portfolios can range in size from A4-A1. Any work hanging out the side of a Portfolio or in addition to the Portfolio will not be accepted. Any large pieces of work or 3D work must be represented by photographs if it does not fit in your portfolio.
    Please stick identification labels on each piece of work submitted (eg. folder, 3-D work, etc.). You must put your identification label on the outside of your portfolio as well as all your work. Please include a list of all sheets of work. Only one portfolio per applicant with all work contained inside. No extra bags can be submitted, everything must fit inside.
  10. As applicants will not be present during the portfolio viewings it suggested that a brief description for each piece of work is supplied in the form of a label at the bottom or top left of the piece. Where relevant please state title, media, dimension and explanation for the work. e.g. Reflection, acrylic on board, 80cm x 100cm Painting based on the theme of water and reflection.
  11. A typed list of all work submitted should be inserted at the front of the portfolio.
  12. No GCSE work to be included.
  13. International applicants and UK applicants can submit an e-portfolio online. We recommend you start your own blog using blogger.com as an easy to use and free facility for this purpose. You can then send us your link in time for the deadline.