01 April 2015

Leander Reeves Anniversary Lecture

On Wednesday 11 March 2015, Leander Reeves, Senior Lecturer in Publishing, gave an open lecture on magazine publishing, as part of the Oxford Brookes Anniversary Lecture Series.

Titled ‘Our long love affair with magazines: portraying confidence from the 18th century to the present day’, the one-hour lecture was given at the John Henry Brookes Lecture Theatre and looked at how magazines help to shape our relationship with confidence, often for commercial and editorial gain.

On confidence, Reeves suggested 'Confidence is practice. Magazines are life manuals, guiding you until you're confident enough to put the manual down.' Over 250 people were registered to attend the event, which explored magazines as the ultimate social barometer, cataloguing our insecurities about beauty, power, sex, body and social standing.

The lecture was well attended as Brookes Publishing students and staff took to Twitter to support Reeves and live tweet the experience, creating the hashtag #LeanderLive. The lecture is now available to watch online on the Lecture Capture website.

Reeves is a graduate of Oxford Brookes with an MA in Electronic Media. Her principal teaching and research interests are in magazine publishing. She is also co-organiser for the 2015 international conference, Consuming/Culture: Women and Girls in Print and Pixels.

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