3 April 2013

Students' Union Teaching awards celebrate amazing teaching at Brookes

Student Teaching Awards Logo

A number of staff from the School of Arts have been nominated for the very first Students' Union Teaching Awards, which are voted for by Brookes students.

The aims of the awards are to:

  1. Celebrate some of the brilliant teaching, teachers and support staff here at Oxford Brookes
  2. Share 'good practice' to ensure that the styles and methods that are working, are highlighted and shown to other members of staff in order to help promote what we as students like and, by extension don't like.

Leander Reeves of the School of Publishing won the award for Best Taught Module for the Magazine Publishing module.

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The following lecturers were also nominated:

  • Tracey Warr - for service and dedication to good teaching
  • Tracey Warr - Most Inspirational Lecturer
  • Tiffany Black (Fine Art) - for service and dedication to good teaching
  • Leander Reeves - Most Inspirational Lecturer
  • Craig Prosser- most Inspirational Lecturer
  • Jan Butler - most Inspirational Lecturer
  • Jan Butler/Pete Dale - Best Taught Module (Nominated, Contemporary Musical Culture)

The following were also shortlisted:

  • Paul Kilsby: Most Inspirational Lecturer (Shortlisted) Fine Art
  • Dai Griffiths: Most Inspirational Lecturer (Shortlisted) Music
  • Beverley Tarquini: Best Taught Module (Shortlisted, Rights Management) Publishing
  • Caroline Davis: Most Inspirational Lecturer (Shortlisted) Publishing

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