04 February 2013

Space & Time - An exhibition by Brookes Art and Design Foundation students

Over the Christmas break students from the Art & Design Foundation course at Oxford Brookes have been making work for an exhibition about Space & Time - two huge concepts with infinite possibilities.

Space and Time Exhibition

The Fine Art and 3D Design students took the title on board and have created work that magically explores human and spiritual existence through the ages. A synergy of thought encompasses a curiosity with museum collections and how individual pieces gathered together from different stages of life seem to condense the very time they come from and exist together in a space that represents the present. Selected work investigates how we make sense of the world and how Space & Time, context and occasion, background and circumstance play an integral part in our understanding of the who, what and why of our existence.

Can you fool time? Can an object be both an indicator of the present and the future? Can museums only ever document the past and never the present?”

This is the fourth year that the Foundation course has been privileged with the opportunity to work on a real-life exhibition project. The Pitt Rivers and History of Science Museums are evocative places full of surprise and wonder. They provide artists and students alike with an immense resource which helps to unravel the mysteries of the past, giving an insight towards the ingenuities of the future.

For more information about the exhibition please contact Dr Myfanwy Johns, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art on the Art & Design Foundation Course:

Pitt Rivers Museum
Museum of the History of Science