18 November 2016

Successful ONE STEP, ONE VIEW exhibition by Chinese artist Pan Gongkai

Successful ONE STEP, ONE VIEW exhibition by Chinese artist Pan Gongkai

Around 150 people attended the successful launch event of the architectural design exhibition by the highly regarded Chinese artist Pan Gongkai taking place in the Glass Tank on 6 October.

With the presence of Councillor Mohammed Altaf-Khan, Lord Mayor of Oxford and Mr Wang Yongli , Minister Counsellor for Education at the Chinese Embassy, the exhibition was organised by the Confucius Institute under the School of Arts at Oxford Brookes to celebrate Chinese culture around the world as part of Global Confucius Institute Day. The exhibition took place from 7 October to 9 November, attracting attention from many interested students and academics in the field. In the talk entitled ‘Painterly Architecture in Architectural Design’, Pan Gongkai discussed the influence of painterly abstraction on modern architecture and on the buildings of modern pioneer, Le Corbusier.

Pan Gongkai possesses an in-depth enthusiasm for architectural design. He founded the School of Architecture at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing and served as the President of the School. When asked about the inspiration and concept behind his work, he shared: ‘In the exhibition One Step One View I present my architecture designs which try to combine all I have learned from Modernism, Post-Modernism and ancient Chinese traditions, while not repeating the language of the Modernist masters, not the discordance of Postmodern collage, and not sacrificing function for nostalgia aesthetic. I generate design of the “here and now” from the great Modern, Postmodern and Chinese ancient traditions, developing designs based on both engineering reason and painterly abstraction.’

This exhibition marked the successful first year of the Confucius Institute at Oxford Brookes since it was first introduced in September 2015 with the mission to provide Chinese language and cultural teaching resources and services worldwide, support local Chinese teaching internationally, and facilitate cultural exchanges. There are 500 Confucius Institutes throughout the world, with 29 in the UK. Paul Inman, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Oxford Brookes University, in his speech at the launch event, also emphasized the importance of cultural exchange between the UK and China, as facilitated by the Confucius Institute. For more information about Chinese classes and further events, please visit the Confucius Institute’s website and register your interest.