9 October 2014

Successful MA Interdisciplinary Arts Festival for Brookes students

The School of Arts hosted another innovative and creative MA Interdisciplinary Arts festival which was enjoyed by many visitors. The event featured a number of students’ work from a range of MA Arts courses.

MA Interdisciplinary Arts Festival

The festival, which took place between 16 and 20 September 2014, was titled LOST/FIND, and featured works from students studying on the interdisciplinary arts practices programme at Brookes. The work included examples of sonic and contemporary art, social sculpture and music. Each of the pieces involved a range of media, often providing sound and video to accompany the imagery.

Many of the works were also interactive and encouraged the visitors to engage with the art and the artists. Invisible by Dympna Irwin took place in a darkened room where visitors used torches to navigate the room and illuminate what was behind the images. Spark and Something by Markus Stefan and Annelinde Kirschgaesser had wooden stands containing matchboxes with different words on them and had an object inside linking to that word. Perhaps one of the more innovative pieces was Transitory by Ricardo Attanasio, in which part of the art was a conversation between the artist and visitor on one of four topics chosen by the visitor.

After a successful private view on Tuesday 16 September the exhibition was open to the public daily from 17 September. The festival concluded on 20 September with a Screening Event in the Brookes Union Hall in the John Henry Brookes building.