11 November 2014

Headington gets chalked up for The Big Draw

Oxford residents have joined thousands of events all over the world for ‘The Big Draw’, by drawing their journeys in Headington. On 18 and 25 October, around 600 people of all ages came out to make chalk drawings of their journeys along London Road.

Headington gets chalked up for The Big Draw

The chalk-up is part of ‘The Big Draw’, a global arts festival with events all over the world from 1 October until 2 November. The festival is being promoted by Andrew Marr and Quentin Blake for the Campaign for Drawing, which advocates the principles of John Ruskin.

The event was organised by Jean Wykes, a former primary school teacher and a mother of three, studying contemporary fine art at Oxford Brookes University. Jean organised the event with the support of Naomi Goldsmith, an art teacher at Oxford Christian School. The aim of the event was to get more people involved in drawing. In particular, she wanted young people and schoolchildren to attend as she believes that drawing helps with learning.

Coloured bicycles were placed around Headington promoting the event. Around 275 children from Headington and Marston drew their journeys to school. Barclays bank, Headington, exhibited the children’s drawings for a month beginning in half term. Coco Noir also has an exhibition of photos of the event.

Speaking about the event Jean commented, "Drawing ... is the basis of all intellectual development. It helps develop hand, eye and brain coordination. It helps with shape and pattern recognition which is the basis for recognition and differentiation of letters and symbols; the basis of reading, mathematics and science. Drawing helps with neural plasticity, which we should all be aware of to keep our brains as active and fit as possible."

For more information visit the Big Draw website