17 June 2014

Oxford Brookes is the first educational institute in UK to teach the newly released RED Epic-Dragon Camera

The Red Epic-Dragon Camera

Oxford Brookes are proud to be the first educational institute in the UK to feature and teach the newly released RED Epic-Dragon industry level camera.

Shooting at 6K resolution (over 9 times the resolution of HD and surpassing even the new 4K standard of Ultra-HD being introduced), this positions Oxford Brookes University in a very strong and future-proofed position, utilising the latest in technology from industry leaders.

Many directors such as Ridley Scott (Prometheus, Gladiator, Blade Runner), David Fincher (Seven, The Social Network) and Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings, King Kong) have embraced the new digital format - using the RED Epic on the latest productions and the release of the 'Dragon' system marks a milestone in the industry.

In 2013, prior to the roll-out of the Epic-Dragon, Oxford Brookes Film Studies students were also given a chance to spend a day shooting with and experimenting with the up-coming technology - achieving fantastic results and conducting some previously impossible cinematography tests with the new kit.

With both RED Scarlet and RED Epic-Dragon camera's in our resources, combined with our strong theoretical background (including staff with recent publications such as the lauded Hollywood Puzzle Films) and emphasis - putting us within the Top 10 for Film Studies in the 2014 Guardian League Tables, Film Studies at Oxford Brookes are strongly positioned for the future.

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