21 November 2013

MA Interdisciplinary Arts Festival showcases rich variety of artworks

MA Interdisciplinary Arts Festival showcases rich variety of artworks

During September, the School of Arts invited the community to see an eclectic range of artworks, ideas and dialogues by 10 MA Interdisciplinary Arts students. The showcase was presented by artists from four different interdisciplinary fields of research and practice, and was held at Headington Campus in the Glass Tank exhibition space, Gipsy Lane site and the Richard Hamilton Building at Headington Hill Hall site.

The ‘Ten Equals’ (X=) group exhibition at the festival included work from all four MA pathways; Social Sculpture, Contemporary Arts, Composition and Sonic Arts and Contemporary Arts and Music. The MA programmes at Oxford Brookes emphasis artwork from thought rather than medium, and this brought together the artists to form X= and grow artwork out of their ideas. The exhibition included work exploring ideas such as transformation, phenomenology and the role of art in society, the intersection of politics and cultural identity, and the relation to the earth.

The MA Arts Festival was an excellent opportunity to showcase a rich variety of creative forms, including movement, performance, painting, installation, sound exploration, conversation, photography, video, sculpture, happenings, dialogues and forums. It also featured work from the Summer Studios that ran during the summer undergraduate break for current students, staff and alumni to further their work. Darren Sutton, MA student and X= member, used the Summer Studios to create his work, titled ‘Deep time and the alchemy of apocalypse’, which featured in the exhibition. He said:

"The Summer Studios were amazing to use. There was 24 hour access and fantastic space which is thoroughly recommended. This was essential to our creative process."