25 July 2016

MA in Music offers new vocational element

This summer sees the completion of the first year of the revalidated MA Music. The new course is distinctive in the way in which it combines a highly respected academic programme with a Professional Experience module for those students who wish to enhance their professional skills.

Students can undertake an external work placement in such areas as arts management, broadcasting, journalism, museum work, publishing, performance or school teaching.

One of this year’s students secured work experience in the music department at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon- Avon, assisting with the music for Simon Godwin’s landmark new production of Hamlet. Another took up a placement at the Handel Hendrix Museum in London, supporting educational and outreach work.

There are also opportunities for internal placements assisting our music research units. One student took on the task of marketing the annual Audiograft festival of new experimental music, whilst another organised a weekly listening group for our Popular Music Research Unit. Those planning to embark upon academic careers shadowed lecturers and undertook research projects.

In terms of academic content, the MA in Music at Oxford Brookes allows students to follow pathways in either musicology or composition. Musicology students can specialise further in popular music, film music, nineteenth-century music or opera.

A current student said:

“After taking this course I can say that I will never regret my decision. The lecturers and staff are competent and caring, the resources are plentiful, and the University is in a wonderful community. I highly recommend this University and this programme in particular as the experiences I’ve had and knowledge I’ve gained here are absolutely priceless.”

Jessi Granse, International student, MA Music