27 March 2013

Student’s work displayed in Brooklyn Library

Fine Art undergraduate Hattie Hayes has taken part in two projects with the Sketch Book Project and the Brooklyn Library, New York.

The first project which Hattie was involved in was a global exchange of printed matter. The print exchange this year focused on the theme ‘the drive home’, and saw five hundred artists produce twelve prints. Out of the twelve prints submitted by each artist; one print will be submitted to the Brooklyn library for permanent display, one print will go on an east to west coast American tour, and the remaining ten prints will be randomly swapped with the other artists.

Hattie commented, “I got involved with the sketchbook project after reading about it online; I loved the idea of picking a sketchbook project to join. There are different themes you can follow, and once you sign up to take part and decide what tour you want your book to take part in, you just wait for your book to arrive. The sketchbook has its own adventure so to speak; you start the adventure in the sketchbook, then its journey begins as it travels reaching out to people that perhaps wouldn't normally see art, or even be interested in it. Inspiring, encompassing, and extended art to all areas and people. At the end of its journey alongside all those other sketchbook artists that also signed up for the same tour, it finally comes to rest at the Brooklyn Art Library for people to visit; stored as a moment in history preserved. It made me think that perhaps in years to come my name will be kept somewhere amongst others like me, remembered, treasured and kept safe. My stamp and mark in history”.

For more information, and to enter this year’s print exchange, visit

The second project was a free initiative to show and explore world hunger. On 22nd February at 12pm Eastern Standard Time (5pm GMT), participants from across the world sat down to eat a snack, meal, or just have a coffee with friends, total strangers or even a whole canteen full of people. The initiator of the gathering then takes a photograph, which will be documented and kept in the Brooklyn Art Library. This project, which is completely free of charge, is now in its second year. The idea is that whole World sits down to eat together, whether it’s midnight in one country or breakfast time in another…

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