Dr Dai Griffiths

Senior Lecturer in Music


Born in Ammanford, South Wales, with English as second language, Dai Griffiths read Music at Cambridge before going on to postgraduate degrees at King’s College London, where his doctoral dissertation (1993) was on the songs of Anton Webern. Trained as a schoolteacher, he taught for two years in Leicestershire before arriving at Brookes in 1990. He was a founder member of the Critical Musicology group in Britain, which has met regularly from 1992 to the present. He has been External Examiner for music courses at Thames Valley University, Bangor, Cardiff, Newcastle, the Open University and the University of York. His publications cover aspects of music analysis and critical musicology, historical and theoretical topics in popular music, and several studies of single songwriters and songs; he also makes up and occasionally performs his own songs. Fellow of the Mannes Institute in 2008, Dai is currently on the editorial board of Music Analysis and Popular Music.

Undergraduate Teaching

  • U66005 Notation and Harmony
  • U66028 Music Analysis

Postgraduate Teaching

  • P66004: Approaches to Popular Music


Dr Dai Griffiths has published in the areas of critical musicology and popular music. His publications cover aspects of music analysis and critical musicology, historical and theoretical topics in popular music, Welsh popular music, and several studies of single songwriters and songs.

Research Interests

  • Popular music and popular song
  • Words in song
  • Critical musicology


Editorial Boards: Radical Musicology, Music Analysis, Popular Music

Membership of Professional Bodies

International Association for the Study of Popular Music

Society for Music Analysis

Oxford Contemporary Music (Board member 2003-13 and Chair of Board, 2006-11)

Matrix Music and Arts Centre, Sutton Courtenay (Board member 2003-)


Radiohead: OK Computer (Continuum, 2004)

Elvis Costello (Equniox, 2007)


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Journal Articles

‘Three Tributaries of The River’, Popular Music, 7/1 (1987-8), 27-34; reprinted in Richard Middleton (ed.), Reading Pop (Oxford, 1997), pp.192-202

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Review-article ‘After Relativism: Recent Directions in the High Analysis of Low Music’, Music Analysis, 31/3 (2012), pp. 381-413

Reference Articles

New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (Macmillan, 2000), entries on Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and Lyrics (2).

Cydymaith I Gerddoriaeth Cymru (Bangor University, 2013): entry on John Cale


Devised a series of playlists for Napster: December 2006

Expert witness in the case of Clive Edwards v 19 Music Limited, BMG Music Publishing Limited, Universal Music Publishing Limited and Rondor Music (London) Limited (June 2006)

Dai Griffiths


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Radiohead's OK Computer (33 1/3) (33 1/3)

Dai Griffiths

Published by: Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd. on September 2004


The Music and Art of "Radiohead" (Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series)

Joseph Tate

Published by: Ashgate Publishing Limited on January 2005