Dr Daniela Treveri Gennari

Principal Lecturer, Programme Lead for DMP and Film Studies, Reader


Daniela Treveri Gennari is Reader in Film Studies. She works on post-war popular cinema and her particular interests are audiences, film exhibition and programming, as well as issues of censorship, Catholic influence on cinema history in general and more specifically on the development of Italian film industry between 1945 and 1960.

Daniela is currently:

  • Leading a AHRC Follow on Funding project ICAMAP: Mapping cinema experience as living knowledge across Italy’s generational divide. The funding will enable Daniela, who is the Principle Investigator of the project working with colleagues from the Universities of Bristol and Exeter, to continue her AHRC funded research on Italian cinema audiences (www.italiancinemaaudiences.org)
  • Leading the British Academy/Leverhulme funded Mapping European Cinema: A Comparative Project on Cinema-Going Experiences in the 1950s (www.europeancinemaaudiences.org) in collaboration with the Universities of Ghent (Belgium) and Leicester (UK).
  • Editing the volume Cinema Outside the City: Rural Cinema-going from a Global Perspective (Palgrave,forthcoming 2017) with Danielle Hipkins and Catherine O’Rawe.

Daniela is involved as a consultant in a project on ‘The role of Italian cinema in the process of negotiation of the social and religious conflicts of the years 1945-1960’, funded by the University of Milan and the Ministry for the University and Research. Moreover, she is part of the DICIS – Digital Cinema Studies research project developed by Ghent University and funded by the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO), whose main focus is to bring the international expertise together in workshops and seminars on digital cinema studies.

Daniela is also leading a research group of film studies and education scholars on film literacy in primary education. Her pilot project Visual and cultural literacy through film in the primary phase, was presented with Lindsay Steenberg at a Film literacy event organized at Oxford Brookes University (where representatives from the BFI Education, Film Education, Oxford City Council as well as leading academics discussed the future of film and media education) and at the NSEAD National Conference Artist Teacher Scheme ‘Creative futures at the heart of art, craft and design education’ (March 2013).

Undergraduate teaching

  • U64001 Key Issues in Film Studies 1
  • Special Subject in Film Studies (on Digital cinema methodologies)

Postgraduate teaching

  • P64003 Popular European Cinema


  • Cinema Audiences
  • Film Exhibition
  • Memories of cinema-going
  • Post-war Italian cinema
  • Americanization of Italian cinema
  • Censorship in cinema
  • Popular European cinema
  • Film literacy in primary education


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Journal Articles

Mapping Cinema Memories: Emotional Geographies of Cinemagoing in Rome in the 1950s, Memories Studies, January 2017 (with Pierluigi Ercole and Catherine O'Rawe)

Cinema Heritage in Europe: Preserving and sharing culture by engaging with film exhibition and audiences (Special Issue of Alphaville, edited with Pierluigi Ercole and Silvia Dibeltulo), July 2016)

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Dr Daniela Treveri Gennari


School of Arts

Oxford Brookes University
Headington Campus
Gipsy Lane
Oxford, OX3 0BP



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