Lindsay Steenberg

Senior Lecturer in Film Studies
Subject Coordinator - MA Film Studies


Lindsay has taught in the UK and in Canada - where she received her undergraduate and MA degrees.  She has taught modules on many aspects of popular film and television including classical Hollywood cinema, film noir, “chick flicks,” action television and crime television.

Undergraduate Teaching

  • U64020 - Film and Media Journalism
  • U64003 - Key Issues in Film Studies II
  • U64005 - Popular Cinema
  • U64029 – British Cinema: Industry and Text


Lindsay Steenberg joined Film Studies at Oxford Brookes in September 2010.  She received her PhD from the University of East Anglia where she wrote her thesis on forensic science and female investigators in crime film and television.  This research was funded by the Social Sciences and Research Council of Canada and is currently being adapted and expanded into a monograph on forensic science in American popular culture. 

  • American popular cinema, television and culture
  • Crime and action genres
  • Forensic science in popular culture
  • Violence on film
  • Feminism and postfeminism
  • Postmodernism
  • Vietnamese Cinema


  • Section Editor for thirdspace: Journal of Feminist Theory and Culture
  • Peer Reviewer for Feminist Theory

Books and other publications


“Uncovering the Bones: Trauma and Hurricane Katrina in Contemporary Crime Television.” Old and New Media After Katrina, collection ed. Diane Negra. London: Palgrave, 2010. 23-40. 

“A Pathological Romance: Authority, Expert Knowledge and the Postfeminist Profiler.” Feminism in Popular Visual Culture, collection eds. Stacy Gillis & Melanie Waters. London: Palgrave, Forthcoming March 2011.

 “‘A Natural Instinct for Forensics’: Material Trace Evidence and Embodied Gazes in The Bone Collector.” New Directions in Crime Fiction. ed. Malcah Effron. McFarlane, Forthcoming 2011 

“North of Quality? ‘Quality’ Television, and the Suburban Crimeworld of Durham County.” with Yvonne Tasker. Canadian Crime Television. ed. Jeanette Sloniowski. Wilfred Laurier University Press, Forthcoming, 2011.

Journal Articles

“A Dream of China: Translation and Hybridisation in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” Wuxia Fictions: Chinese Martial Arts in Film, Literature and Beyond. 6.1 (Autumn 2006): 159-181.

“Framing War: Commemoration, War and the Art Cinema”. Cinephile. 1.1 (April 2005): 2-6.

Reference Articles

“Guillermo del Toro.” Fifty Contemporary Film Directors (2nd edition). Ed. Yvonne Tasker. Routledge, 2010. 153-159.

“British Crime Cinema.” British Cinema. Directory of World Cinema. eds. Neil Mitchell and Emma Bell. Intellect Books.Forthcoming 2011.

Critical Reviews of: Peeping Tom, The Italian Job, Sherlock Holmes, The Blue Lamp, The 39 Steps. In Directory of World Cinema.eds. Neil Mitchell and Emma Bell. Intellect Books. Forthcoming 2011.

Research Dissemination

Selected conference presentations

  • Society for Cinema and Media Studies (Los Angeles 2010)
    “Criminal Investigations, Women’s Intuition and the “Postfeminist Gothic” in CSI and The Ghost Whisperer
  • Nothing New? Crime, Television & New Media (Norwich 2009)
    “Blinded by Science? The Autopsy on Television in the New Media”
  • Cinema, Television and the Past (Norwich 2009)
    “Hollywood Imagines the Archaeological Past: Egypt as Heterotopia in the Mummy Franchise”
  • Going Cheap? Female Celebrity in the Tabloid, Reality and Scandal Genres (Norwich 2008)
    “Gender and the Rise of Tabloid Forensic Science on Reality TV”
  • Figurations of Knowledge Society for Literature, Science and the Arts (Berlin 2008)
    “Affect and Archive: Trace Evidence and Archival Sensibilities on CSI
  • The Literary Art of Murder (Newcastle 2008)
    “Cabinets of Curiosity: Visualising Trace Evidence in the Screen Adaptation of Jeffrey Deaver’s The Bone Collector”
  • Society for Cinema and Media Studies (Philadelphia 2008)
    “Uncovering the Bones: Hurricane Katrina in Contemporary Crime Television”
  • Screen (Glasgow 2007)
    “Profiling Queerness: Behavioural Sciences and the Retelling of the Leopold and Loeb Case”
  • Feminism and Popular Culture Conference (Newcastle 2007)
    “Postfeminism and the Female Investigator: Authority, Expert Knowledge and Angelina Jolie”
  • Interview on science, crime and the media
    Future Radio, Norwich (June 2009)
  • Introductory lecture on Fargo
    Cinema City, Norwich (2008)
  • Member of reading/research groups on ‘Celebrity,’ ‘Gender,’ and ‘Genre’
  • Currently developing a public event based on the screen adaptations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic detective Sherlock Holmes
Lindsay Steenberg


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