Dr Tracey Warr

Research Associate

Tracey Warr joined the staff of Oxford Brookes in 2008 having previously worked at Bauhaus University Weimar, Glasgow School of Art, Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam, Open University and Dartington College of Arts. She leads the art history and theory undergraduate teaching in Fine Art, focussing on art of the 20th and 21st centuries, and contributes to practice and professional practice teaching. She supervises PhD students. She co-ordinates Fine Art international and Erasmus exchanges. She is the Art & Design Research (Unit of Assessment) Co-ordinator and the Lead for the ARP – Art, Research, Practice group.

Undergraduate teaching

Fine Art U65503; U65520; U65529; U65571; U65572

Postgraduate teaching

PhD Supervision


Tracey Warr has a mixed practice as writer, curator and teacher. She has developed a mode of writing with contemporary artists as opposed to about them. She sees curating and art writing as part of a continuum with artists’ practice, rather than segregated categories. Her research work focuses on the body and site in contemporary art.

She is the editor of The Artist’s Body, a major survey book published by Phaidon and she has published on a wide range of contemporary artists including Marcus Coates, London Fieldworks, James Turrell, Marina Abramovic, Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey. Her curatorial projects have included the performance and site based international Edge biennales in Newcastle, London and Madrid; Twilight, an exhibition at the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius, the OX1 soundart festival in Oxford and recently residencies with Chinese artists Qiu Zhijie, Liu Ding and Lu Chunsheng at Dartington Gallery in Devon. She is on the Advisory Boards of Performance Research journal and Body, Space and Technology journal. She was the Chair of Spacex Gallery in Exeter 2004-2007.

Immediate Research Projects

Tracey Warr is Associate Curator for Outlandia - an international artists’ residency project in a treehouse studio in Glen Nevis in the Scottish Highlands, imagined by artists London Fieldworks and designed by architect Malcolm Fraser. Artists in residence have included Adam Dant and Alec Finlay.  She led a workshop on treehouses and freedom at Bauhaus University in December 2011.

In collaboration with Urbonas Studio, Tracey Warr was in residence at Modern Art Oxford in summer 2012 developing an art-led investigation of rivers, focussed on the Thames in Oxford. We produced a raft-sculpture, a sculpture in the gallery, 16 research films and ran symposia and workshops for adults and children and open studio days, including a workshop at MIT in Boston. The website charts our research. She is currently writing an essay, ‘Writing in Water’, and editing a book on the project to be published by Modern Art Oxford in early 2014.

Forthcoming Projects

Tracey Warr has been appointed as one of eight lead artists for Frontiers in Retreat, coordinated across eight European countries by HIAP, awarded five years EU funding. She will develop a future fiction novel, The Water Age, based on research through multidisciplinary dialogues.


1987 Guest Editor, Performance Magazine, May/June, 47.

1983 Co-Editor, Imlah, M. eds., Poetry Review magazine.

Membership of Professional Bodies

Society of Authors

Books and other publications

2011 Almodis: The Peaceweaver, Exeter: Impress Books.

2009 Co-Editor, with Ratcliffe, H.; Smith, A., Setting the Fell on Fire: Allenheads Contemporary Arts: Art in a Rural Context. Sunderland: Editions North.

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2000 Editor, The Artist’s Body. London: Phaidon.

1990 Co-Editor, with La Frenais, R. Ria Pacquee 2 Projects: Edge 90. London / Newcastle: Edge Biennale Trust.

1987 Editor, Live Art Now. London: Arts Council of Great Britain.


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Journal Articles

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Research Dissemination

Conference papers

2013 Session Convenor: Twitchers: Birds & Art, Association of Art Historians, University of Reading.

2012 The Wet Symposium, Oxford, chair and paper

2012 Writing Pad, Arnolfini, Bristol

2012 Writing Pad, HEA Workshop, London

2011 Impressive Writers: Roshi Fernando and Tracey Warr, interviewed by Alan Bilton, Writers’ Day, Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea

2011 Association of Art Historians, University of Warwick, Poster: Outlandia

2011 Artists’ Films, ARLISS, Lux, London

2010 Freelancing as an Art Historian, Association of Art Historians, London 

2010 Scotland’s Wild Landscapes, UHI, Perth, Poster: Outlandia

2010 Planetary Breakdown: Artists’ Autonomous Infrastructures, The Baltic, Gateshead

2010 Performance: The Construction of a New Language, University of Girona / FEM10 Festival

2010 Collaborations, West Wales School of Art, Carmarthen 

2008 Performance on Screen, Picture This/Capture, Watershed, Bristol.

2007 Intimacy: Across Digital and Visceral Performance, Goldsmiths College of Art/Laban Centre, London.

2007 Cultural Rights Roundtable, Interface Research Centre, University of Ulster, Belfast.

2007 Common Work, Tramway, Glasgow/University of Stirling, Glasgow.

2006 The New Co-efficiency in Art, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow.

2006 Reenchantment of Art, Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Norway.

2005 Navigate, Baltic Contemporary Arts Centre, Gateshead.

2004 In and Out of Middle England, Exeter Phoenix, Exeter.

2004 Commonsense, Tate Liverpool/Liverpool Biennale, Liverpool.

2004 OtherWorlds, Baltic Contemporary Arts Centre, Gateshead.

2003 Bone 6: Performance by Women, Bern, Switzerland.

2003 Extremophiles: Surviving in Space, Arts Catalyst, Royal Institution, London.

2003 Invisible Bodies, Arnolfini, Bristol.

2002 A Short History of Performance, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London.

2002 Marked/Gina Pane Symposium, Arnolfini, Bristol.

2002 Gina Pane Symposium, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton.

2001 Strange and Charmed 2: Art and Science Lecture Series, Royal College of Art / Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, London.

2000 Toward a Science of Consciousness, University of Arizona, Tucson, USA.

1998 Space Art/Earth Art, Leonardo Magazine, Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris, France.

Conferences organised

2008 DRHA 2008 Programme Committee Member (Digital Resources for the Humanities and Arts annual conference), Cambridge.

2004 ART – What is it Good For?, Dartington College of Arts, Totnes.

Curated Projects

2006-present Outlandia, Glen Nevis, Scotland. With London Field Works. 

2010 Culture of Rowing & Swimming.

2008 Monday Night Lecture Series at ACC Gallery, Weimar.

2008 Guest Curator, Visions in the Nunnery, The Nunnery, London.

2005-2006 Dartington College of Arts Gallery, Totnes. 

2005 Body Language and Embodied Meanings, Piet Zwart Institute / TENT / Witte de With, Rotterdam, Holland. 

2001 Year of the Artist: Marcus Coates, London Fieldworks, Allenheads Contemporary Arts, Northumberland.

2001 OX1: Oscillations & Vibrations Sound Art Festival, Modern Art Oxford and other venues in Oxford. 

1998 Twilight/Sutemos, Centre for Contemporary Art, Vilnius, Lithuania.

1994-1996 James Turrell, Northumberland Skyspace Proposal. With Rob La Frenais & Sustrans.

1994 EarthWire, Cleveland. With Rob La Frenais.

1988-1992 Edge 90 & Edge 92, Site-based exhibitions in Madrid, Spain (part of the European Capital of Culture programme), London; Newcastle and Glasgow. With Rob La Frenais.

1986 New British Sculpture, Air Gallery, London. With Iwona Blazwick.


2012 Artistic Investigation of the River, MIT, Boston (forthcoming)

2011 Treehouses and Freedom, Bauhaus University, Weimar

2011 Ideas About Space, Arnolfini, Bristol

2011 Art Writing, Modern Art Oxford

Gallery Talks/Guest Lectures

2013 ‘Rivers and Contemporary Art’, Peninsula Gallery, Plymouth. Online at www.tamarproject.org.uk

2012 Future Rivers, Isis Farmhouse (Convenor and Presenter)

2012 Performance Art, OVADA, Oxford

2012 Stammtisch, OVADA, Oxford

2011 Treehouse Freedom, Bauhaus University, Weimar (week long workshop)

2011 Bodies in Space: Oskar Schlemmer & Trisha Brown, University College Falmouth

2011 Ideas About Space: Gordon Matta Clark and Outlandia, Arnolfini

2011 Art Writing Workshop, Modern Art Oxford

2010 In Conversation with Jayne Parker, Night & Day Performance Weekend, Modern Art Oxford

2007 Art in the Punk Years, Barbican Art Gallery, London.

2006 Jordan Mackenzie, Spacex, Exeter.

2006 In Conversation with Zoe Benbow, Café Gallery, London.

2005 Contemporary Romanticism, Piet Zwart Institute / TENT / Witte de With, Rotterdam, Holland.

2005 The Death of the Body, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London.

2003 Monica Bonvicini, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford.

2002 Tracey Emin, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford.

2000 Trauma, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford.

1993-present Guest lectures include University College Falmouth, Carmarthen College of Art; Shanghai University; Potsdam Fachhochschule; University of Bourgogne, Dijon; Nottingham Trent University; Central St Martin’s; Wimbledon School of Art; University of the West of England; Camberwell College of Art.

Own Exhibition Projects

2012 River Runs, with Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas, Modern Art Oxford

2011 Split nik, with Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas, Moscow Biennale

2008 Something Like Spit, Exchange Gallery, Penzance. With the Spit Collective.

2007 Something Like Spit, Boilerworks, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London. With the Spit Collective.

2004 Dialogue, Dartington Gallery, Totnes.

2003 Generator, Dartington Gallery, Totnes.

2001 Knowhere, Milch Gallery, London; Underwood Gallery, London; Art Through Touch, London and Queen’s Hall, Hexham. With London Fieldworks.

Dr Tracey Warr


School of Arts

Oxford Brookes University
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The Artist's Body: Themes and Movements (Themes & Movements)

Tracey Warr

Published by: Phaidon Press Ltd on September 2006