Portfolio guidance

Fine Art Degrees

In Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University we only consider students who have a portfolio of art work. The portfolio provides you with an invaluable opportunity to put yourself across as a creative individual. It is important that your portfolio contains a diverse range of work and processes (finished and in progress), so that we can gauge your experiences and abilities to date.

We are eager to find out as much as possible about you, your interests and your creative work. Remember, this is a competitive process and we ask that your portfolio is well organised and presented, and that your work is clearly labelled.

The portfolio can contain the following types of work:

  • Free-hand/observational drawing
  • Sketchbooks and workbooks (both project based and those containing sketches from trips abroad/contextual studies etc)
  • Lifedrawing (pencil, charcoal etc)
  • Collages/Montages/MixedMedia
  • Maquettes and models
  • Evidence of experimentation
  • Photography
  • Video/film
  • Website design
  • Photographic documentation of large works including: paintings, sculptures, installations, time based media, and work that is not available (having been submitted for A-level examinations etc)

Presenting your work

We would expect to see at least 15–20 pieces of work as a minimum. Feel free to choose this work. We are interested in what excites you as an emerging artist. We suggest that you include your most recent work (this will vary, depending on whether you are applying from a foundation course or direct from A-levels). The portfolio should be clear and organised.

We do not expect you to have experience of every art process, nor do we need to see everything you have done. Everyone is different. However, we are keen to find out more about you and the artists you are interested in. What exhibitions have you visited recently? Whose work inspires your own?

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