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CI00012 Calligraphy
Prerequisite: This course is taught in English for those who are interested in Chinese Arts. No previous knowledge of Chinese is required.
Duration: 10 weeks
(1 February 2017 - 5 April 2017
10 May 2017- 12 July 2017
27 September 2017--29 November 2017)
Time: Wednesdays, 18:00 - 20:00
Fee: £210 including calligraphy set (brushes, ink & paper)
Course description:

This course is designed for beginners who wish to learn Chinese calligraphy. Chinese calligraphy is more than the writing of beautiful Chinese characters; it expresses Chinese philosophy, history, and aesthetics, and it has long been regarded as a high art in China. It can be regarded as a key to the exploration of Chinese culture.

In this 10-week course, participants will learn to write standard script (Kai Shu) with a Chinese brush. Standard script emerged during the 3rd century and has been used throughout the ancient and contemporary periods. The tutor will guide the participants to analyse the original forms of each character, such as their pictorial form and seal script. Participants will learn the fundamental strokes of standard script and the structure of Chinese characters, as well as copy the work of master calligraphers such as Yan Zhenqing and Zhao Mengfu.

Learning outcomes:
On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Gain an understanding to Chinese calligraphy;
  • Develop the basic skills of Chinese calligraphy alongside their knowledge of Chinese culture;
  • Create their own calligraphy works worthy of decorating the home or office.
All learning materials, including handouts and materials, used throughout the course will be provided by the Confucius Institute.
Taught by: Dr Weimin He

Weimin He has studied both Chinese and Western art since his early age. His artistic practice includes Chinese calligraphy, woodblock printmaking, ink painting and seal cutting. He worked as a research fellow on Chinese painting at the Ashmolean Museum, and as an artist-in-residence at the Oxford University Estates Services; he currently teaches drawing at the Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford.

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