14 April 2015

Audiograft returns for another successful year

Annual festival audiograft took place this year from 11-27 March. Audiograft is curated by The Sonic Art Research Unit (SARU) and includes a mix of experimental music, sound art concerts and exhibitions. The festival takes over a range of venues in Oxford including OVADA, the O3 Gallery and The Story Museum.

This year’s festival incorporated extraordinary sounds and radical music, with speakers mounted on pendulums and helium balloons, sound frequencies morphed by heat, bells rung mechanically and melted down in a furnace and performances creating absorbing and evocative sound worlds and visuals.

At the heart of the festival is a group exhibition at OVADA featuring Mario De Vega, Arno Fabre and Minoru Sato, none of whom have previously exhibited in the UK. Contemporary music ensemble Icebreaker closed the festival with their latest project.

Other featured artists include Maria Chavez, Lucio Capece and Sally Golding. A live performance at The Story Museum, which took place in the evening of 14 March, is available to stream online here.