16 May 2014

School of Arts staff scoop awards at Brookes Union Annual Teaching Awards

Dr Jane Potter
Brookes Union Annual Teaching Awards logo

On the 2 May Brookes Union hosted the second annual teaching awards which were created by Brookes Union in partnership with the University. The project began as a PESE project (Programme to Enhance the Student Experience) and is now wholly owned by the Union. The awards are designed and managed by students from the ground up as a way for them to recognise, reward and celebrate the teaching and contribution that all staff have made to the student experience.

There were over two hundred nominations this year from which fifteen finalists were chosen, (two for each category plus outstanding contribution). The Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment (TDE) had in 1 winner, 4 runner-up finalists and 10 shortlisted winners over the eight categories. The School of Arts had 1 winner, 1 shortlisted runner-up and 2 shortlisted winners over the eight categories.

Congratulations to Jane Potter, Senior Lecturer in Publishing, School of Arts who won her category for Best Module. Jane was also a shortlisted for Best Single Learning Experience.

The students who nominated Dr Potter commented:
‘A real learning experience that is exactly how I think university should be'

Congratulations to Jessica Shaw, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, School of Arts, for Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.

Students who nominated Miss Shaw for this award commented:
'I cannot express how much Jess deserves this award'

Congratulations for being shortlisted also go to Paul Kilsby, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art Theory, for Most Inspirational Lecturer and Leander Reeves, Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Subject Coordinator for Publishing, for Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.

For further information please visit the Brookes Union website.