26 October 2015

End of an era? 15 years of CSI

Brookes research staff and students along with colleagues from across globe discuss the final episode of CSI covering such disciplines as criminology and law, the episode was screened on 16 October 2015.

The Film Studies Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University organised a workshop which encouraged participants to share their forensic related theories. The end of the series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was the theme of this workshop. During the four sessions throughout the day the participants had a discussion about the many CSI effects, the forensic and crime aesthetics, TV and the postforensic, and the transnational currents.

The workshop was hosted by Dr. Lindsay Steenberg, Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes, and research professionals from across Brookes and Universities from Europe and North America also contributed.

The event was successful and students were invited to join scholars in disciplines such as criminology, law and television studies in their analysis of the final episode of CSI, which was screened on the Friday night.