Staff directory

This directory lists the key contacts for the School, followed by all staff in alphabetical order. Clicking on the name or photograph of any staff member will take you to a detailed page of information which includes a profile, contact details, and the publications and teaching interests of academic staff where available.

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Key contacts in the School

Inman, Paul Angus Phillips
Inman, Paul
Faculty Dean
Phillips, Angus
Head of Arts

Academic and support staff of the School listed alphabetically:





Black, Tiffany Black, Tiffany Senior Lecturer
Undergradute Subject Co-ordinator
Fine Art
Buckland, Warren Buckland, Warren Reader Film Studies
Bullock, Adrian Bullock, Adrian Associate Lecturer Publishing
Butler, Jan Butler, Jan Lecturer Popular Music
Carr, Joe Carr, Joe Technical Instructor Media Technology
Carugo, David Carugo, David Senior Lecturer Media Technology
Cateridge, James Cateridge, James Senior Lecturer
Subject Coordinator
Film Studies
Chandran, Govind Chandran, Govind Technical Specialist Film Studies
Chinnery, Clair Chinnery, Clair Senior Lecturer Fine Art
Cornford, Stephen Cornford, Stephen Senior Lecturer Sound Art
Davis, Caroline Davis, Caroline Senior Lecturer Publishing
Dibley, Paul Dibley, Paul Principal Lecturer
Undergradute Programme Lead
Dempsey, Jon Dempsey, Jon Senior Lecturer Media Technology
Eichner, Barbara Eichner, Barbara Senior Lecturer
Undergraduate Subject Co-ordinator
Fletcher, Clare Fletcher, Clare Senior Lecturer Publishing
Franklin, Sarah Franklin, Sarah Senior Lecturer Publishing
Griffiths, Dai Griffiths, Dai Senior Lecturer Music
Howard, Janice Howard, Janice Principal Lecturer Fine Art
Hughes, Sally Hughes, Sally Principal Lecturer
Programme Lead Postgraduate Taught
Hughes, Bob Hughes, Bob Associate Lecturer Publishing
Jennings, Chris Jennings, Chris Senior Lecturer Publishing
Johns, Myfanwy Johns, Myfanwy Senior Lecturer Fine Art
Kahn, Alison Kahn, Alison Lecturer Film Production
Kilsby, Paul Kilsby, Paul Lecturer Fine Art
Lambie, Sheila Lambie, Sheila Senior Lecturer Publishing
LeCorre, Elaine LeCorre, Elaine Technical Specialist Printmaking
Lopez De Amentia Najera, Nati Lopez De Amentia Najera, Nati Technical Instructor Media Technology
Lee, Ray Lee, Ray Reader MA Course Leader
Millar, Ruth Millar, Ruth Technical Specialist Bookworks and Printing
Miller, Sue Miller, Sue Business Development Manager Publishing
Mira, Alberto Mira, Alberto Reader Film Studies
Morris, Derek Morris, Derek Technical Specialist Materials and Processes
Pawley, Adrian Pawley, Adrian Technical Specialist Video
Phillips, Angus Phillips, Angus Head of Arts
Director of the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies
Potter, Jane Potter, Jane Senior Lecturer Publishing
Prosser, Craig Prosser, Craig Lecturer Music Performance
Reeves, Leander Reeves, Leander Senior Lecturer
Undergraduate Subject Co-ordinator
Russo, Paolo Russo, Paolo Senior Lecturer Film Studies
Sacks, Shelley Sacks, Shelley Professor and Interdisciplinary Arts Director Social Sculpture
Shaw, Jessica Shaw, Jessica Senior Lecturer Fine Art
Shaw, Philip Shaw, Philip Senior Lecturer Publishing
Steenberg, Lindsay Steenberg, Lindsay Senior Lecturer Film Studies
Stokes, Helen Stokes, Helen Lecturer 3D Design and Design Crafts Foundation Studies in Art and Design
Tarquini, Beverley Tarquini, Beverley Senior Lecturer Publishing
Templeton, James Templeton, James Technical Instructor Media Technology
Timbrell, Nicola Timbrell, Nicola Senior Lecturer Publishing
Treveri Gennari, Daniela Treveri Gennari, Daniela Reader Film Studies
Turner, Lucy Turner, Lucy Course Leader Foundation Art and Design
Twycross, John Twycross, John Senior Lecturer Digital Media Production
Whitty, Paul Whitty, Paul Reader, Programme Lead Music
Wilson, Alexandra Wilson, Alexandra Reader
Postgraduate Subject Co-ordinator
Zumdick, Wolfgang Zumdick, Wolfgang Senior Lecturer Social Sculpture